Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Stranger part 1

Kevin Joyce
English 12 CP
Ryan Gallagher
 I the passage when Marie asked Meursault if he loved her and he responded that it didn’t mean anything to him and that he didn’t think so, the author, Albert Camus suggest that in life , lifeless humans can not love because they have no other emotion and all emotions are connected to love. The overall view on this, is that Meursault has no emotion and reacts to Marie as for example, Marie asked Meursault if he wanted pasta and he said no I’m ok but thanks. So what Camus is trying to say is that Meursault only thinks for himself and his needs.
 When the paragraph begins, Camus tells the reader that Marie stays the night and is planning on having lunch with Meursault. Shortly after that they heard yelling at his dog. Meusault seems human around Marie up until “a minute later she asked me if I loved her”, after this when he responded with “ I told her that it didn’t mean anything but that I didn’t think so”. This makes him into a emotionless human all over again. Eventually they heard noises coming from Raymonds room.
 In the next paragraph Meursault and Marie overhear loud female shrills coming from Raymonds apartment. It turns out that Raymond was beating a woman in there , so Marie went to find a cop. It turned out that he was really beating her ,endangering he life. This is important because it shows that Raymond has a lot of anger problems, which is an emotion, meanwhile Meusault shows no emotion.

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